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Nutritional Counseling

Having your eating dialed in is the number one priority when working toward optimal health and wellness. No amount of exercise and sleep can correct a poor diet.
The food you choose to put into your body is of vital importance, effecting:

  • Immune System
  • Stress
  • Energy
  • Focus, Attention, and Concentration
  • Weight Management
  • Mental Health and Moods
  • Sleep

In short: learning how to properly nourish your body can make workouts easier, reduce symptoms of many health conditions, help you sleep better, feel better, and just make your crazy days seem much easier!  It’s easy to see how hiring a certified nutritionist, like me, will be one of the smartest things you do for yourself and your family!

And hiring me as your trainer and nutritionist allows you to proactively address both of these vital facets of self-improvement without having to go to the time and trouble of finding a qualified professional for both.  I’ll always know exactly what your exercise goals are and can tailor a program that lets it all work together seamlessly.

Let me show you that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, or time-consuming!  


Eating fresh food and healthy meals can be hard if you’ve never done it before or if you just don’t know how to cook.  As a personal chef, I can solve that problem for you! Whatever area needs some work, I’ll be right there by your side, helping you navigate this sometimes confusing world of ‘eating healthy’. 

  • Meal Planning
  • Prep Cooking
  • Kitchen Clean Outs
  • Grocery Store Tours for Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Cooking Lessons based on your tastes
Moxie Strength and Nutrition
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